Theocracy of Xochimechatl

Land Transport
The most commonly used vehicle in Xochimechatlan land transport is the motorcycle. Most people in Xochimechatl cannot afford a car, but motorcycles, which are generally far cheaper, are usually within reach (although purchasing a motorcycle is never a decision made lightly). As such, the streets of Xochimechatlan cities are filled not with cars but with motorcycles. Unfortunately, however, standards of safety are not high, and many accidents occur, both due to lack of proper education about driving and due to poor quality motorcycles purchased due to their low cost.

Roads in Xochimechatl are generally poor. This is simply a result of lack of funding to make repairs. Streets in major cities tend to be better maintained, but are still not of the quality one might hope for. Roads between cities vary in quality, but the only road which could be called excellent is the Lendian-built highway linking Teocapec (the capital) and Ravenniara (the commercial centre).

Long-distance land transport is conducted either by motorcycle or by bus. There is a fairly well established network of intercity coaches in Xochimechatl, linking most major cities, and it is possible to purchase passage for a relatively small price. The coaches themselves are rarely comfortable, however, and are generally overcrowded.

Sea Transport
There is not a great deal of transportation undertaken by sea within Xochimechatl itself. The only real instance is the ferry that links the main island with Iromina, the smaller island to the southeast. This ferry makes a regular route from Ravenniara (on the main island) to Panactla (on Iromina) and back. The only other notable sea traffic is between Xochimechatl and other countries (particularly the islands of the UPRMI).

Air Transport
There is only one major airline based in Xochimechatl, being Mechi Airlines. It was formed from a merger of two other companies, Couatlan International Air Transport and Air Ravenniara. Operating out of Xochimechatl's only international airport (Ravenniara), Mechi Airlines flies to a number of other countries, including a trans-Cislendian flight to Gloria Libertatis which links Xochimechatl to Old Vexillium. It also flies short internal routes from Ravenniara to Cajamarca and Tlaloc. A small number of foreign airlines also fly to Ravenniara.


The Theocracy of Xochimechatl is a fictional state on the world of Vexillium.