Theocracy of Xochimechatl

As one can be determined from our nation's full name, Xochimechatl's government operates on a theocratic basis. This means that religion is the key element of our nation's government. Rather than simply be governed by one temple, however, Xochimechatl is ruled by a coalition of nine different religious organizations, seven of which are indigenous to Xochimechatl itself.

The nine components of the Xochimechatlan theocracy each go by their own names and terminology, but for the purposes of the government, they are all referred to as temples. The nine temples are the Temple of Teotlahtolli, the Temple of Meztli, the Temple of Citialin, the Federation of Teraeli Shrines, the Order of Calacoayan, the Cult of Inxochtlincuicatl, the Sect of the Temoa, the United Monasteries of Meko'u, and the Church of San Alandro. Information on the various temples themselves can be found by going to the main page and selecting the Temples link.

Each church in Xochimechatl has its own internal hierarchy of priests. These are the business of the church, not the government. However, all religions participating in the governance of the country must name an official called a Zacatltetotopixqui. This title, coming from "Zacatl", meaning great, and "Tetotopixqui", meaning priest, is usually given to the leader of the church, whatever his or her internally-assigned title might be.

The nine Zacatltetotopixquis, as well as being leaders of their respective temples, are also Theocrats. A Theocrat is somebody who sits on the Council of Theocrats, which is essentially the governing body of Xochimechatl, meaning that the island is essentially governed by a council of the nine religious leaders of the island.

The High Theocrat
The title of High Theocrat is held by the Theocrat who has the most support for his or her leadership. Essentially, the position of High Theocrat is gained by lobbying and dealmaking between the various Theocrats, with the person gaining the most backing being elevated to the higher position. The High Theocrat can loose his or her position at any time, however, if he or she looses the required support. The High Theocrat is essentially the head of state for Xochimechatl, although does not gain any extra powers, still being subject to the decisions of the Council of Theocrats. The current High Theocrat is Icocho Ixatlac of the Temple of Teotlahtolli.


The Theocracy of Xochimechatl is a fictional state on the world of Vexillium.