Theocracy of Xochimechatl

National Flag of the Theocracy of Xochimechatl

The symbolism on the national flag of Xochimechatl dates back over a thousand years, although it is only since the arrival of the Lendians in the area that they were incorperated into a flag. The background of the flag consists of two shades of grey, traditional symbols of the island for reasons now lost. The symbol in the centre represents unity and power. The rod and the red sphere represent the sceptre formerly carried by the emperor and now carried by the High Theocrat, being a symbol of authority. The rays around it represent the radiance of that power out across the island, encompassing all.

Flag of the Autonomous Kingdom of Chitec

The Autonomous Kingdom of Chitec is an entity without defined borders based in the north of Xochimechatl, the remnants of an independent state conquered thousands of years ago. It's duty is to protect the Chitec people and culture. The flag is a combination of the old royal colours of Chitec, gold and blue, and a blue circle. The blue circle is actually a simplification of a traditional symbol of Chitec which was deemed too complex to place on a flag.

Flag of the Autonomous High Chiefdom of Iromina

The island of Iromina, also known as San Quio and Fort Discovery, has an autonomous government and hence flag. The colours on the flag are traditional colours of the Irominan people, being significant to their long-forgotten religion. The symbol in the left of the flag is also religious, representing the four elements of the Teraeli religion which dominates the island.


Flag of the Temple of Teotlahtolli

Flag of the Temple of Meztli

Flag of the Temple of Citialin

Flag of the Federation of Teraeli Shrines

Flag of the Order of Calacoayan

Flag of the Cult of Inxochtlincuicatl

Flag of the Sect of Temoa

Flag of the United Monasteries of Meko'u

Flag of the Church of San Alandro


Flag of the City of Teocapec

Flag of the City of Ravenniara


Flag of Xochimechatl under the Free Confederacy

Flag of the Mahuiztictlacatl (Emperor)


Flag of the false state of Alandria, declared by Cruisian rebels

Flag of the so-called Alandrian Patriotic Army, a rebel guerilla group


The Theocracy of Xochimechatl is a fictional state on the world of Vexillium.