Theocracy of Xochimechatl

There are a number of sports which are played throughout Xochimechatl, but due to the fact that the vast majority of these are native to the country, and not played anywhere else in the world, Xochimechatl has very little in the way of international sporting participation. Only in the Lendian regions of Xochimechatl are sports like soccer played, and even in those areas, they are not played a great deal, as the colonists arrived before the invention of these sports and had already adopted Xochimechatlan ones before the advent of the others. Nevertheless, some Xochimechatlan sports are similar enough to international ones that players can easily adapt if need be.

On the whole, Xochimechatlan sports are more violent (and often more bloody) than in other regions. The main reason for this fact is found in the origin of organized sport in Xochimechatl - rather than being developed for purposes of fun, sports in Xochimechatl were originally a means of training for the military, with soldiers using them partly to enhance reflexes and parly to ensure fitness. While the adoption of these sports by non-military players has resulted in them becoming less vicious and less bloody, Xochimechatlan sports are generally less safe than sports in other countries.


The Theocracy of Xochimechatl is a fictional state on the world of Vexillium.