Theocracy of Xochimechatl

The Chitec
The Chitec people are related to the majority Couatlans, but this relationship is somewhat distant (although scholars still debate the exact distance between the two). Over many years, the boundaries have become somewhat blurred, however - there are many Chitec with some Couatlan ancestrory, and many Couatlans with some Chitec blood. As such, it is often difficult to clearly define who is Chitec and who is not.

In the past, Chitec had been an independent state (actually establishing a united country before the Couatlans emerged from their tribal system). They formed the first civilization on the island, with the Couatlans later borrowing considerably from them when they established their own.

Chitec culture shares a number of similarities with the culture of the Couatlans, but there are a number of differences. One of these is the increased formality in which day-to-day business is conducted, and the extremely high level of politeness required of people (while the Couatlan culture also promotes politeness, it does not to so to the great extent that the Chitec culture does).

The Irominans
The Irominan people inhabit a small island off the southeast coast of Xochimechatl proper, although are believed to have lived throughout the country before the arrival of the Couatlans and the Chitec. It is believed that the Irominans might be very distantly related to the Couatlans and the Chitec, but if so, few cultural links survive.

Iromina has never been an independent state, having had no central government until its conquest by the Couatlans. In the past, each village was ruled by a Chief, with the Chief being elected by the male adult villagers upon the death of the previous Chief (in some villages, it was possible to precipitate an election by fighting and killing the previous Chief in a duel, but the person who did so was ineligable for election). Each village also had a shaman who served as a religious and spiritual guide (although these functions were superceded with the establishment of the Teraeli religion, which has remained strong in Iromina), and a gathering of several elders, who advised the chief on important matters.

Irominan culture has traditionally been looked down on as barbaric by the Couatlans and the Chitec, although in modern times, this view has died out. Unfortunately, the long period of external dominance that the Irominans suffered, especially the derision of their culture, has caused many of the Irominan traditional ways to die out, with the larger Couatlan culture beginning to supercede them. This included the disappearance of the Irominan language from use as a primary language (it still survives as a second language learned for ceremonial purposes). In recent years, however, an attempt has been made by the Irominan authorities to promote the revival of Irominan culture, including an attempt to increase use of the language.


The Theocracy of Xochimechatl is a fictional state on the world of Vexillium.