Theocracy of Xochimechatl

For the most part, media in Xochimechatl consists of newspapers and radio. Ownership of a television set is still relatively rare in most regions. Moreover, the concentration of wealth in Lendian-speaking regions of the country mean that much of Xochimechatl's media is actually in the Lendian language, and thus inaccessable to many.

Newspapers are fairly common in Xochimechatl, but many are not published daily, instead coming out only on certain days. Only in the Lendian-speaking regions of the island are daily newspapers common. One daily newspaper in the Xochimechatlan language exists, known as Niquinmachiltiz - this newspaper enjoys the largest circulation in the country, and is generally regarded as impartial. It serves as the primary source of news for a considerably percentage of the population.

There are a number of prominent radio stations in Xochimechatl, broadcasting in Xochimechatlan, Lendian, and Chitec. The highest concentration of radio stations may be found in Lendian regions, but the country is well-served by other stations as well. Some of these focus on news, while others exist for entertainment. They are generally privately owned, and are funded by advertising. In Xochimechatl, radio is considerably more popular than television, mostly due to the high cost of television sets compared to the cost of a transistor radio.

The largest television provider in Xochimechatl is known as Ravenniara TV (RTV), and is a Lendian-language broadcaster based in the city of Ravenniara. It broadcasts a number of channels throughout the country, but given the relatively small number of people outside the Ravenniara region who know Lendian to any significant degree, its main focus is on its hometown. It also broadcasts a small number of Lendian-language channels from Lendosa itself, including the LNN news channel. Aside from RTV, there is also a company known as Iztepl Television Broadcasting Company (ITBC) which broadcasts in Xochimechatlan (sometimes with the occasional program in Chitec), but the relatively low percentage of Xochimechatlan speakers who can afford televisions prevents ITBC from great success.


The Theocracy of Xochimechatl is a fictional state on the world of Vexillium.