Theocracy of Xochimechatl

The Theocracy of Xochimechatl is an island state. The island, also called Xochimechatl, is located in the Cislendian Ocean, to the west of the Maritim Island chain and quite close to the continent of Melania, where Xochimechatl culture originated. Also quite close to Xochimechatl is the island of Wang Chung, colonised by settlers from the Old Continents.

The island itself is fairly mountainous, and what flat land there is tends to be rocky and ill-suited for agriculture. Nevertheless, it sustains those who live upon it.

The capital of Xochimechatl is the city of Teocapec, located roughly in the centre of the island. It was built approximately five hundred years ago to serve as an administrative centre for the island. Now that Xochimechatl has regained its independence, Teocapec now rules over the island once more.

The largest city, and centre of business, trade, and travel, is the city of Ravenniara. This city was built by Lendian colonists on the shores of Sanctus Bay (also a Lendian name) to serve as their administrative heart for their territory. It is the area where most of Xochimechatl's Lendian-speaking population is found, and is the wealthiest part of Xochimechatl.

In the south of the island is the heartland of Xochimechatl culture. The city of Iztepl, the second largest on the island, is the oldest settlement in the country, and home to many cultural treasures. The cities of Calicala, Tulilopan, and Tlaloc are also ancient.

On the west coast of the island can be found another Lendian stronghold, the city of Santa Lucia. This was actually the first Lendian settlement on the island, and is home to the Alandrian Patriotic Army, a group seeking to establish Lendian and Cruisian dominance on the island once again.

In the north of the island can be found the hearland of the Chitec peoples. The Chitec are closely related to the Xochimechatlans, and ethnically are linked (especially given the intermixing that has taken place), but maintain some important cultural differences. Their largest centre, and the capital of their autonomous government, is Cajamarca.

Off to the east of Xochimechatl proper can be found the island of Iromina, or San Quio to the Lendians and Fort Discovery to most of the world. The people of this island are believed to be the remants of Xochimechatl's original inhabitants from before the Xochimechatl people arrived those thousands of years ago. They are, like the Chitec, closely related but with distinct cultural features. Their culture, however, is at risk of dying out after years of foreign influence. Efforts are underway to cease this decline. The island's centre is the city of Panactla.


The Theocracy of Xochimechatl is a fictional state on the world of Vexillium.