Theocracy of Xochimechatl

The Xochimechatlan economy is, by international standards, relatively undeveloped. There are few large corporations (most of the ones which are present are foreign), and the average income of Xochimechatlan citizens is low.

Xochimechatl's economic system is essentially a free-market one, with virtually no governmental intervention. Certain functions are managed by the Office of the Mepilizatl, but for the most part, commerce is completely unregulated. There is no central planning by the government. This system is not so much due to any specific policy adopted by the state - rather, it emerges from a general lack of government action in anything.

Industrially, Xochimechatl is relatively weak. In most areas of the country, there is little development in that regard, with agriculture being the main activity. A small number of areas, such as Iztepl and Ravenniara, this trend is disregarded, but for most of the country, the level of economic development remains low. The most commercially successful area of the country is the Alandrian Coast, where the Lendian settlers set up their cities - this area, particularly the city of Ravenniara, form the heart of the world of business in Xochimechatl.

The level of prosperity throughout Xochimechatl is variable. In some areas, particularly Ravenniara, the standard of living approaches what might be regarded as reasonable, but throughout most of the country, living standards are lower. Some cities, such as Cajamarca, Pucara, Tlaloc, and the capital Teocapec, maintain a reasonable standard, although considerably below what foreigners might consider to be the norm. Others, such is Iztepl, have a small number of wealthy citizens surrounded by large numbers of people living in abject poverty.

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Xochimechatl is currently listed as 29.5 billion Christianan Crowns, giving it a per capita GDP of around 5,900 Christianan Crowns.


The Theocracy of Xochimechatl is a fictional state on the world of Vexillium.